“A Creative Explorations Institution For The Profoundly Playful”

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Who We Are
A hand-drawn portrait of Kristen

Kristen Angelucci

Kristen knows the right things to do.

It's a great quality, because you always feel like you're in good hands—and you are. She is someone you can trust because she's done it before. She's a writer, a strategist, a speaker, a fundraiser, she's managed teams, created strategic plans, written a best-selling book, created policies, has interviewed and been interviewed—you'd be hard pressed to look at her resume and not be wowed. She's a person who wows.

But more than that, she is someone you can trust because her interest in you, and the things you care about, is genuine. Kristen approaches any new partnership with an unquenchable thirst to understand. A Google doc of one hundred questions awaits each new unexplored territory. "It's more questions than a human being can possibly answer," she'll warn you. But it won't stop her. Within every Google doc, surrounding every word, is love, attentiveness, and the desire to get to know you.

If you want to be seen and cared for—fully and completely—you must get to know Kristen.

A hand-drawn portrait of Matt

Matt Goold

If you're the kind of designer and artist Matt is, you don't have to be much else. He's that kind of good. The things Matt makes are bursting with intention, choices, meaning and precision. There's something you notice right away, and then there's something you notice once he mentions it, and there's something he didn't mention that you notice later. It's nuanced, layered - like him.

So imagine being able to do that, and doing that for over a decade - growing from a design intern to a Chief Creative Officer and Partner - and then having the staggering conviction to be so much more than a designer. To learn to compassionately run a company of dozens of people, to perform deep research and make the most compelling connections, to spool out truths and understandings that make everything better and brighter.

Matt can do and be many things at once because he is the best listener you will ever meet. Even if you don't quite know what you are saying or why you're saying it, yet, Matt will wait until you do. He creates and coexists with unequaled patience, not as though there's no other choice, but with the staggering conviction of someone who has made his choice and sticks by it.


Our interest in work that unites stakeholders and pulls from their collective strengths is no coincidence: our work was so improved by finding each other, we shaped our lives and careers around doing more together. We greet each new project with the joy that comes from a healthy and equitable creative partnership burning brightly, and you’ll feel the difference this joy brings to our work. Even better, as a small firm we have the freedom and flexibility to be selective with our client choices: the partners we choose are the ones we unquestionably, enthusiastically want to wake up and work with each day.

What We Do

Our Work

One designer, one writer. Two brand strategists. Two former managers of people. A combined 25+ years of experience in fundraising, content strategy, web design, creative direction, human resources and more. However you cut it, there’s two of us, and we do a lot of things, because we want to and like to and are good at them. We’ve been doing these things separately for a lot longer than we’ve been doing them together, but they’re better now that we are.* In our first year of business we designed websites and logos, album art and podcast covers, stickers and film credits. We wrote for a university and outdoor market and consulting firm. We planned and facilitated workshops for hundreds. We built brands from scratch and updated and upgraded brands that had more to say. Our clients were florists and musicians and photographers and journalists and supply chain analysts and agencies bigger than ours who needed extra brains and eyes and words when they got stuck. We did a lot and we have a lot more we want to do. We answer our emails. We’re excited to meet you. We think we can help.

*But not like, together-together. Not a couple, just a coupla pals.

Things We Do

  • Branding
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Planning & Facilitation
  • Workshopping
  • Brand audits and research
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Naming and renaming
  • Creative visioning
  • Digital design
  • Messaging
  • Voice and Tone
  • Creative campaigns
  • Creative strategy that supports organizational strategy, and vise versa

Things We Want To Do

  • Work to support business and/or creative partnerships (like ours!)
  • Story-based writing and illustration
  • Commissioned art
  • Research and discovery with artists and creatives to find and articulate creative voice
  • Unexpected branding moments
  • Organizational and managerial support
  • Creating for grant-funded initiatives
  • Research-based placemaking
  • Baby naming (really. It’s a thing.)

Work samples available upon request.